3 Detox water recipes for super healthy skin

Detox water recipes

I like to drink water. it’s the first thing i do every single morning and I drink lots of water all day long. But I know sometimes it can get boring. So we begin to create a little more flavor instead of going and grabbing a sugary drink. I like to use my water with a little flavor of fruits. So you get your intake of water while getting additional health benefits. You know the best part is that you can use any combination of ingredients for your detox water recipes to target things like belly slimming, cleansing, fat burning, anti-aging whatever you want. it’s a great way to boost the taste of water while flushing out all those toxins. So today I’m going to share my top 3 detox water recipes.

Cucumber, limes, strawberries add mint

For this we’ll need cucumber, limes, strawberries add mint. Cucumbers contain a lot of antioxidants and have B vitamins. Which are known to help the feelings of anxiety and stress. They have anti-inflammatory properties. Limes have a great amount of vitamin c and flavonoids great for the skin digestion and weight loss. Strawberries contain lots of vitamin C too which is vital to the production of collagen which is what we need for our healthier looking skin. And mint helps to improve the flow of bile. It also helps to relax cramped up stomach muscles and it gives your drinks a refreshing flavor. So  put the ingredients into a glass fill it up with fresh water and voila. you get the perfect drink to relax and hydrate the body.

Apple, Cinnamon water

Just as the name implies will need one apple and a cinnamon stick. Apples contain lots of fibers which promote good digestion in a sense of a lower stomach. The Cinnamon helps to increase our metabolism because it has thermogenic properties. So just add chopped up apple and cinnamon stick and fill it up with water. This is not only a hydrating drink but it’s also perfect for weight loss.

lemons and raspberries

Here is another yummy cleansing drink. We’ll need lemons and raspberries. Lemons are a powerful detoxifier high in antioxidants they have super cleansing properties and help neutralize. And raspberries help to boost your immune system. Because these small berries are packed with vitamin C. So we’re going to combine all of these benefits into 1 glass. And enjoy this super-cleansing drink.


So just keep these drinks in the refrigerator for a few minutes and let them cool and soak all the flavors then they’re ready to enjoy. You can refill these several times throughout the day before you need to change the ingredients again. So whether you do to lose weight or simply live a healthier life, water is the best way to rid your body of harmful chemicals and keep you hydrated at the same time. Adding these healthy ingredients not only add the flavor but also add tons of benefits so grab your favorite one and enjoy.


So those are my 3 favorite detox water recipes. they’re super easy to make. You can even make them the night before keep them in the Fridge and have them wait for the next day. I really feel like this are the ways to get your daily intake of water plus it’s super healthy. It’s also a really great way to get kids to drink more water with the test.


So drink your water and have fun. Tata

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  1. Thanks for your valuable information, i will try these at home today

    1. You are most welcome Sandra

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