7 Priceless Skin Care Tips you should know.

 7 Skin Care tips everyone should know

In today’s blog, I thought I’d share with you guys my timeline of skincare tips.  So I’ll be showing you guys my tried tested true tip that I always use that never failed me. And also a few secrets from mom. So if you guys are ready, let’s gets started.

skin care tips


One of the best tips I’ve always used to keep my skin looking fresh is applying a cold damn towel over my face after I’ve cleansed it my mama taught me the second one and that is to always keep your skin hydrated no matter what. The dryer skin the more prone to wrinkles and aging so just keep it moist.


Then I’m going to use my go-to Olay total effects 7 in 1 night moisturizer my skin is really prone to getting dry and this moisturizer hydrates it’s so well. You know that feeling when sometimes even after you put on moisturizer skin still feels kind of dry. Well not with this one I’m going to liberally apply this all over my face.


Now we can forget about the rest of our body. A great skin care tip that I’ve been using forever is applying my favorite natural and sent free Scentuals scent-free hand and body repair cream alongside a few drops of the Scentuals anti-ageing serum. I mix the two together and apply this all over my body. Oh and don’t forget your elbows they need love too.


Another great product that I always have on hand is my Smith’s rosebud salave. It’s seriously one of the best things to use on cracked lips and on anything that is just super dry. Sometimes the corners of my mouth get a little rise I apply just a bit of the south on the corners and I’m back to normal.


If you’re prone to getting ingrown hairs soak a cotton ball with some water and a few drops of tea – all into it apply this over any affected areas and tea tree oil is a great antiseptic and can also help reduce pimples.


Let’s get to shaving I love using my Venus Gillette razor for extra smooth skin. A great tip is to always shave outside of the shower and then to use conditioner whenever you do shave.  What I’m using here has a guard which prevents cut and it makes it very easy to get close to the skin when you’re done wipe off with the cold damp towel and the best thing is shape without any heat to keep those ingrown hairs at bay and last but not least to have great skin.


You have to have a healthy diet that’s why I always start my mornings with a fresh green juice I just got a new juicer and I’m loving it. I love making my peace with kale spinach green apple-celery cucumber lemon and ginger Cheers those are my time with skincare tips that I’ve always use and they really work for me.

Hope you guys find my ideas helpful. Thanx.


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