The Best moisturizer for face recommended by dermatologist

This is the very best moisturizer for face and for very dry and acne prone skin too.

It’s really the best moisturizer for face. I’m somebody that suffered from very dry and sensitive skin my entire life. And it seems like everything that I tried that was a drugstore brand or whatever else on the Shelf that claimed non-oily, non-greasy had always really really dried.

The truth is it was still left with very dry skin that was the funny thing. I found a moisturizer that’s really really helped my skin. Before that, I use a ton of benzoyl peroxide and every time I use it my skin feels tight and dry just like immediately after washing. I have like almost like a cracked face in the appeals and so it’s really disgusting.

So which one is the best moisturizer for face?

best moisturizer for face
best moisturizer for face

Now I am going to share with you guys the best moisturizer for face. It is called CeraVe. I think is what it’s called. And it’s a PM night cream that you use it comes in a really nice bottle. It’s designed for people with normal to dry skin and it has what’s called MVE delivery technologies. I think this is what it does is it leaves a very natural moisturizing feeling on the skin that continues to moisturize the skin throughout the afternoon and evening and the throughout the entire day. This is really cool and definitely the best moisturizer for face.

So what that means is that I never have to go and keep reapplying moisturizer. One of the awesome things is that since its non-irritating like some of the moisturizers that use they would make my skin feel very tight or they would make it feel very itchy but this does not do that. which is really really cool.

It’s design with ceramides niacinamide in hyaluronic acid. I think is how you say it but it works really well. The cool thing is that it also has an A.M. or a morning version that you can use as well. And it has SPF 30. This is the exact same moisturizer just with an added sunscreen to protect your skin throughout the morning.

They’re very reasonably priced but I hope that you will enjoy this product. CeraVe


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