Body white lotion recipe at home

Homemade body white lotion

We all love a healthy white body skin tone. don’t we? So, today we are going to learn how to make DIY body lotion. This is the most low-cost and effective body lotion you are going to learn.

So the ingredients you require our

  • HONEY    

Now let’s see how to make this individual body Lotion.

body white lotion
body white lotion

Aloe Vera gel:

So starting by taking this aloe vera gel.  You can skip this aloe vera gel and you can take the raw aloe vera leaf and you can even take out the gel from the raw aloe vera leaf. But here just want the convenience i’m  just taking this gel because most people do not have aloe vera plant in the house so for them I’m just showing with this. so I’m just taking almost 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel into a clean container.

Lemon Juice:

So once I have taken that now it’s time to add lemon juice in that.  So I’m just adding half a lemon that is almost 2 tablespoon of lemon juice into the mixture.

Rose Water:

So after that, I’m going to add the base material of the lotion. So my base is going to be the rosewater. For that, I’m just taking a new rose water or you can make DIY rosewater at home. So here I am just adding almost 8-10 tablespoon of rose water.


Now the next step is completely optional. If you feel that you do not mean then you can skip this step completely. People those who have very much dry skin and they feel that their skin is getting stretch marks and you have a  very very rough and dull skin than in that case you can add honey as Well. But I will suggest if you are having a very oily skin then you don’t really need honey other than that person with normal sensitive dry and combination skin can add honey as well.

Honey is going to give you that elasticity that you need in your skin. It is not just going to moisturize but it’s going to give that glow because if your skin is well moisturized then only it is going to have that natural glow. Here I’m just adding a singles tablespoon of honey.

Coconut Oil:

So once that is done now the final and most important ingredient we are using is oil. So for oil you can add coconut oil here, I’m just adding 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil. So you can replace that oil and you can add any other oil of your choice. But coconut oil is very much essential skill  because of the PH. the value of coconut oil is almost similar to human skin PH.

So it does wonder to our skin. So in that aspect coconut oil is the best option. Other than that you can add olive oil also.  I have added 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Now I’m just mixing everything together. So this body lotion is not completely oil-based neither it is water base so anyone can use this you can mix and match the ingredients for making it much more comfortable for yourself because I already told if you have dry skin then you need much more oil.

So now the mixed ingredient is complete. You can apply it now on your body. Night time is the ideal time to apply any lotion though you can apply it al day long. Take care of yourself.  Bye thank you

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