How to get acne free skin with a DIY honey lemon Facial mask

Get acne free skin with DIY honey lemon facial mask

Today we’re going to be doing a DIY honey lemon facial mask. I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth I’m using honey-lemon. The reason is because both of them contain ingredients that can help your skin.

It can help your acne. It can help brighten your skin and drive out pimples, minimize your pores and also reduces redness. it’s an amazing facial mask.

facial mask
Honey, lemon

So let’s get started

What we gonna need?

·       Lemon

·       Honey

·       A Bowl

·       A washcloth


You’re obviously going to need a lemon and some honey. You’re going to need a bowl. Mix your ingredients. Take a spoon to mix it all and a washcloth.

Ok, the first thing you want to do is get your hair out of your face and pull it back because it’s very sticky. Ok, now you want to go ahead and take your lemon cut it in half. I just take one-half of it and start squeezing it into your bowl. But if their seeds inside of edges go ahead and remove those and just squeeze as much lemon juice out of it as you can.


Yeah now take two tablespoons of honey and mix it in with the lemon juice. Now you gonna need to take a really hot towel (washcloth) and just go ahead and wipe your face to open up your pores. Okay, it’s gonna be really liquid, so go ahead and use your fingers if you want to.


I use my hands and apply it all the time on my face. But if you want to use a clean brush or something else to apply it then that would be a good idea. Whatever works best for you just do it. Now put all the liquids on your face. Avoid the eye area it’s the lemon, you know it can be very irritating to eyes. Once you got your entire base you should wait for 20-15 minutes.  After waiting, wash your face with light warm water. That’s all, here is your lovely fresh spotless skin. Do this once a week for best result. Hope you guys find this helpful.


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