Beauty tips / DIY pedicure for Girls at home

Hello everybody today’s post it’s about DIY pedicure. I will show you how I do my pedicure of all the stuff which is already available in our home.

So it’s all kind of easy one. Honestly, I never had been to any salon for my pedicure never ever. Even I never had the manicure at a salon but yeah I have gone some time for acrylic nails. Never done pedicure and manicure at the salon. Because don’t waste money when you can do stuff at home. So yeah in this post I’m going to tell you how I keep my fugly foot strap. That begins with the ingredients or the items we will need. we’re gonna need.

  1. Towel
  2. Body wash
  3. Lemon
  4. Rose water
  5. Nail polish remover
  6. Body butter/ body lotion
  7. DIY scrub
  8. Nail polish
  9. Foot scrubber
  10. Nail cutter
  11. Nail shaper
  12. Cuticle remover
  13. Cotton swabs

Yeah so we’re going to start with the warm water actually, I keep my water a bit hot side because i like better and relaxing. First of all what i did is that – I’ll slice of lemon and I squeezed that lemon into the water because lemon stands for brightening your skin and removing tan. And then I put three or four pumps of rose water. And then I put a body wash in there for are nice and foume water.

The next thing

I love removing hair from my toes. It’s not like too much but i really like to remove them. They’re like a tiny bit like two or three hair. So I like to remove them with the eraser. Next thing I’m going to do is remove my nail paint. This time i was wearing that nail paint with a bit of shimmer so it was hard to remove. To removing my new paint i add a little bit of cold water because it was really hot.pedicure

Then I’m going to dip my foot and there for about five minutes. Ok now I’m going to use this pusher and I’m going to push my debts back. So i can remove that later because now at this point my skin is like really nice and soft. So I’m pushing it back. Yeah, then I’m going to remove those dead skins with dead skin cutter. I really like to use this one but be very careful while using this because it can cut your skin too. So I’m going to remove all that skin which I pushed.


Yeah ok, what I want to do next is I’m taking this lemon slice and scrubbing my foot with this. Because it’s very nice exfoliator and at the same time it removes the tan and brightens your skin. So I’m gonna scrub like five minutes on the both foot. Next thing is the foot scrubber what I really like using the  stone side for my ankles and I’m gonna wrap all the dead skin. It’s very nice and soft right now.

So you can easily remove those dead skin from there. So I’m gonna scrub everywhere around under my foots all around my ankle and around my fingers and everywhere around. After that, I’m using the brush for removing anykind of leftover dead skin from my nails. I’m removing on the top and trying to remove from my inside of my nails too.

Dip your feet

Okay, I’m goona dip my fit for more five minutes. Now I’m taking this filer and removing any dirt or dead skin from my nails. And I’m trying to clean my nails. ok, so I dried my hair foot already. And now I’m going to cut my nails and I am out of top already so now I’m cutting them to my desire land. And I don’t like my foot nails to be like where you long but still I need a little and so I’m cutting them right now yeah. ok now its filing time I’m going to file them a bed so they are nice and smooth.

Removing dead skin

ok, i’m using this saw hot side and removing dead skin from my ankles and from the bottom of my foot. Because this time when your skin is dry you can always remove all the dead skin from your foot. so now it’s like all that skin is removed I’m gonna scrub up my foot so it’s nice and soft no flakiness so for that i use this DIY S curve which I made with coffee and olive oil. So I’m gonna scrub like really nicely so my foot is going to be really nice and soft. Now it’s time to massage your foot so for that I’m using this sapaninila body butter from bodyshop and I’m going to massage my foot space like really nice and relaxing.

So at the end, It’s just so nice and soft right now loving it.  at this point, I like applying nail paint. You can apply whichever shade you like I love very nude on my nails and natural but this time i was feeling like wearing bright. Because i was wearing bright on my hands or so I thought why not wear bright nails. Otherwise nude is my all-time favorite and i can wear nude 365 days.

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