Hair growth | amazing 100% natural and herbal hair mask to cure baldness.

Hair growth herbal mask to cure baldness

Today, I am sharing with you a Hair growth recipe. it’s an amazing 100% natural and herbal hair mask to cure baldness or severe hair fall.

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The ingredients you need for this remedy are:

  • Bhringraj Powder

  • Kalonji Seeds

  • Shikakai Powder

  • Amla Powder

  • Mustard Seeds

  • Neem Leaves

  • Curry Leaves or Meetha Neem

  • Onion (1 medium size)

  • Garlic (3 to 4 cloves)


Let’s know something about the ingredients.


Bhringraj Powder:

It is the most important ingredients of this remedy. It is used for so many years in the case of hair falling treatment. It helps to promote hair regrowth. It stimulates the hair follicles which helps this regrowth process. So we are going use this powder.

Shikakai Powder:

Shikakai Powder is a great scalp detoxifier. It helps to detoxify the hair roots and opens the pores of the scalp. It also stimulates the hair growth from root and follicles. So if you are suffering hair falling for dandruff, actually it’s one of the most common reasons for hair fall then Shikakai will work great.


It is the most well know ingredients for hair regrowth. You may have seen so many videos on youtube on onion hair regrowth treatment. Because it’s really true onion really works. Onion has sulfur which is really helpful for hair regrowth and follicle restoration. It stimulates hair follicles. It removes the problems of dandruff. And it also conditioned your hair. In this remedy, we will take 1 medium size onion.


We will also take 3-4 cloves of Garlic. Because Garlic works really well with onions. It also has a good amount of sulfur. And its really works for hair growth.

Mustard Seeds:

The researcher also found that the mustard seed is good for hair regrowth. There is a common thought that when we suffer from hair fall problem then using mustard oil helps to stop that. it also helps to prevent hair whitening problem at an early age. When it get mixed with the upper ingredients it works like magic. We will use 4 spoons mustard seed.

Kalonji Seeds:

It is also a well know ingredient for hair regrowth. It gives nourishment to your hair. It’s very powerful ingredients packed with full of important vitamins sensual oils. Also, it works well for white hair problems.

Curry Leaves:

Curry Leaves or Meetha Neem is  also a great ingredient for hair fall solutions and hair regrowth. There are so many other health benefits of this ingredients.

Amla Powder :

The last ingredient that we are using is amla powder. Actually, all the ingredients in this remedy work together for hair fall reduction and hair regrowth. It helps to get natural black hair. If your hair is falling then this will help to stop them.  We will take 4 spoons of amla powder.

Now it’s the mixing time.  Bhringraj Powder 4 spoons, Shikakai Powder 4 spoons, Muster seeds 4 spoons, 20 -30 leafs of  Curry Leaves or Meetha Neem,  3 spoons of Kalonji Seeds,  1 medium size onion, 3-4 cloves of Garlic, 4 spoons of amla powder.

Now mix these ingredients with a blender and make a paste. You can use some water to help to blend. Now you can apply it on your hair and wait for at list 2 hours. Then shampoo your hair. Use this pack twice a week. One thing to remember that it will not work instantly. Give some time to it. After 1-2 month of using this, you will get healthy and thick hair. And also it will help to regrowth your hair growth as well.

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