How to get beach waves hair at home.

Who don’t like a thick beach waves hair looks. If you wonder that how to do that style, then you at the right place.

 beach waves hair Hey, guys, it’s Mimi Sdr and today I’m coming back with a hair styling tutorial on how to get the perfect beachy waves hair. Being a girl from Miami Florida so beachy waves are like (WoW). I know its November but still it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice beachy wave’s hair.

What we gonna need to get this style.

I’m so grateful that it’s not your mother’s because they sent me their three products. A beach babes soft waves in a heartbeat blow-dried operator reduces drying time, way to growth and leave in conditioner. I’m using these three products and doing a tutorial. I really hope you guys enjoy.

beach waves hair
beach waves hair

let’s get right to the main point. So after I wet my hair I used the leave-in conditioner from not your mother’s and let me just say my here feels so soft and so small that I use a blow-dryer accelerator anime, my hair dry way faster and I’m also using a one-inch barrel.

beach waves hair
beach waves hair

So forth in my ear and detangle it and then I go around and get little pieces of my hair and start curling them. Then I’m gonna go in with the sea salt spray, oh my God it smells like bananas it’s so good.

The texture feels so nice so when you apply and scrunch up your hair, just play with it have fun with it. And just put in a style that you prefer and that’s pretty much it.

beach waves hair
beach waves hair in any season

Then you’re just left with beautiful beachy waves hair. You will be amazed by the final result of this technics and products. Hope you find this post helpful. This is really as easy as simple to get a beach waves hair.


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