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Are you suffering from dandruff ? let’s learn How to Get rid of Dandruff  in a super easiest way

how to get rid of dandruff

Today I have a really quick and little bit strange recipe for you guys. And I hope it will be helpful for you because this definitely saved my life. It’s about how to get rid of Dandruff. So how many of you have dandruff and are suffering it. It is absolutely the worst thing in the world. Especially when you’re wearing a black top and you have dandruff and you look down your shirt and there’s like a bunch of white specks on your shirt. It’s just so annoying. It is so embarrassing, I hate it.

For the most part, I am fine but every now and then I do get a little bit of dandruff. And recently I did and I honestly need a quick fix. I didn’t know what to do. I try and Head and Shoulders. I tried some home remedies nothing worked for me.

What worked for me magically?

So after a long time of thinking that how to get rid of dandruff ?  Then I found and tried this tip, and that is a Mouthwash. That’s right, Mouthwash. I use it a couple times and it worked. My dandruff is gone 100 %. It is gone completely. So if you guys have been suffering from dandruff as well and you don’t know what to do follow this quick tip and you’ll be dandruff free in no time. So what you will need for this is some mouthwash and it has to be a specific kind. I’m not really sure why but it has to be the yellow kind of the Listerine and the original one.

what to do?

I just have the equate brand. Because I’m like I’m just using it on my hair it has the same ingredients. But you guys will need the yellow Listerine. Next thing you will need is just a spray bottle. So anything like that. You can even use, you know some products that got used up and used still have the bottle and it’s a spray bottle. you can just use that.

So yeah that’s all you really need and what you do now is you take your spray bottle. You’re gonna fill it halfway up with water. Now you can do this a couple of different ways. You can either just use straight mouthwash. You can do that but I will not recommend it. I think that’s a little bit too harsh and since it does have alcohol I think it’s sort of really drawing on your hair.

Start making it

So I don’t really want to use straight up. So what you can do is you can either mix half water and half mouthwash. Or you can do three-fourths of the mouthwash and a quarter of the water. Because it not only get a little bit stronger but still not as strong as you know just straight up mouthwash.

What I did, I use half water and half mouthwash, mix it in the bottle and I just used it for like weeks. And by the way, you use this once a week. I have to do about three or four times before I saw a difference but it did get completely rid of my dandruff. And the reason is because mouthwash contains antiseptic and antifungal antibacterial properties which are what gets rid of our bad breath and all the germs in your mouth. So does the same thing on our head.

How to use it?

So you just mix water and the mouthwash into a spray bottle. And before you’re about to shower maybe an hour or two hours before the longer the better. But you don’t want to leave it on for too long. So I just separate my hair and I just spray this in all over my scalp. And I let it sit for about an hour or two hours before I’m about to shower. Shower regularly, and I do this once a week once or twice a week for about three weeks. it’s how long I have to do it because – is pretty bad if it’s just a little late.

You guys could get rid of dandruff even doing it just one but mine is pretty bad. So I had to do it about three or four weeks two times a week and it’s gone, my dandruff is gone. I have no flakes in my hair and it worked. So lastly I really do recommend you try this because not only does it work it is inexpensive. it’s very easy to do so yeah I guess that’s it. I hope you have learned something new about how to get rid of dandruff today. Comment bellow to share your thoughts. Tata.

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