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Grow your nails faster and stronger

Hey guys, it’s MIMI Sdr and I’m here share you my experience on how to grow your nails fast and longer.  So this post is going to be very important because a lot of girls ask this question and it’s very important especially if you bite your nails or if your nails are very brittle and stuff like that. Its great if you know about nail care.

So let’s get started I’m going to give you some tips tricks and other things.

And you guys can use to grow your nails longer and faster. Girls who are frustrated they want to grow their nail longer and faster for a special occasion or something like that. So let’s get started

Ok my first tip is:

Stop biting your nails and if it’s not clear already, don’t bite your nails. Biting your nails is terrible. I’m serious if you bite your nails it will weaken your nail plate which is the little thingy right here which helps your nails grow because your nail usually grows from here.

If you keep biting then your nails will be weaken and it will make them brittle. So if you have naturally born strong nails and you bite your nails you will lose that also the gift that you were born with. That is very important. There are awesome some products that you can use to help your nails grow longer and faster.

So I’m going to show you some products name here so sit down and get some popcorn yeah.

Just pretend like you never saw that, anyways Vaseline really helps for growing your nails longer and faster. And it is some sort of like jelly substance which you use for your lips to moisturize but you can also use them for your cuticles if you don’t know what your cuticles are they are these little things right here you see that little thing right those things are a bug right? Just kidding.  They are just above your nail and on the sides and they sometimes get really hard and rough and sometimes we will pick them off. I know you do that. Feel guilty.  I’m kidding here too. Anyways this is really good for your nails because it’s moisturizing your nails allowing blood flow to your cuticles.

so what you have to do every night for before your sleep just grab some of this bad boy and you’re just going to grab a little and you’re going to rub it right over the cuticles, just rub it massage it. Just keep massaging. It is going to make them softer and beautiful and nice and your nails will grow because the more your fingers have moisturizer added to them and then they will grow longer and faster.

The next thing is to have your hands moisturized  I’m using the Lubriderm Dermatologist Developed daily moisture lotion, normal to dry skin and rich with bla bla blah.

You don’t need to see all that trash yeah. There’s no reason. Why they put it in the bottles !!. Anyways if you moisturize your hands every night before going to bed then your hands will allow blood flow and if your hands are healthy your nails are healthy.

Another tip is to not eat that much sugar you know those pack of Oreos that’s it at your kitchen table every night and you just feel the urge to just grab them and eat them. Don’t do it your nails are secretly talking to you they’re saying let me grow let me grow but no you’re just like trapping them in with all these Oreos in these cases. And the sour patch kids and all this crazy stuff.

The next tip is to eat healthily and do exercise because if you don’t then you’re don’t helping growing you, your hair, your nail too.

That’s my point. If you want to stay healthy for in these dead proteins to grow so do your exercise eat at least one type of fruit each week, i mean seriously guys you’re making this harder for me to prove this. So anyways be healthy do exercise and stay hydrated good luck.

Also interesting fact if you live in an area or a place where the climate is usually very hot and warm then your nails will grow longer. But if you’re in a place where the climate is colder your hair and your nails will not grow that much. If your place with hot your nose will grow oh my God. That’s why we need to help the nails grow.

Quick trick:

There is a product name Nutra Nail Mineral Care Power Growth it actually does work and you can just buy at walmart in the nail art section.


I mean seriously it’s not that hard to find and this is what it looks like. It is neutral nail mineral nail care power growth and I’ve used it. It’s really cool and it really works just don’t bite your nails so yeah it’s going to work

Another product that could help your nails grows and just like stay the length to. It’s not chip its pure ICE Nail protector you can find it in walmart.


So yeah they’re really good product and i totally recommend you to use them. The price is about one dollar and ninety-seven cents OMG. So yeah in these are the products that I use and they’re really helpful. So I suggest you go buy them.

Another tip is to eat protein I suggest eating eggs maybe like about three times a week or whatever. Just at least get a little bit of protein in your body legs are really good because the more protein you have the more it grows. Actually, eggs are not even that bad it’s not like you have to eat broccoli feel like broccoli. Anyways if you eat eggs your nails will be like just grow.

That’s all I have for today and i hope you like this post. God bless you.

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