How to lighten skin of hands and legs with a simple mask?

Who don’t want beautiful hands and legs?  It’s not too difficult to gain beautiful fresh looking hands and legs. so let’s see how to lighten the skin of our hands and feets. 


So today’s post is about how to lighten skin of our hands and feet 100% naturally. Hands and feet are obviously not that kind of sensitive compared to you our face. The first thing that you have to do is scrub. And then you have to apply a simple mask.

Let’s see what we need for scrap?

  • Half of a Lemon

  • Sea salt or Rock salt.

how to lighten skinhow to lighten skin

The scrub is very simple. To make it we need a half of a lemon and sea salt or rock salt. So now what you have to do? Just pick that rock salt or sea salt using the half lemon. Then give your hands a really good scrap using it. So scrap for your hands and legs and leave it for about 5-10 minutes and then wash it with water.

And the next step is going to be the mask. So what we need?

  •  Some slice of Potato

  •  Lemon Juice

  •  Rice flour


So we need some slice of potato to make juice,rice flour, and lemon juice. Put some potato slice and lemon juice and mix it in your blender give it a good blend and then you will get perfect kind of mask.

how to lighten skin
Rice Flour

Just add some rice flour on it and this is the overall mask you need. Now apply this on your hands and legs. So do this for about at least once in every week and always don’t forget to scrap first and then the masks. It really works. It will give you a clean smooth brighten the look of your legs and hands. The main thing is this is super simple.

Thank you, everyone and next time I hope you will be on this blog with much more beautiful hands and legs from now. Tata. Don’t forget to share your progress.

( The scrap should suit everyone, but if you feel any irritation please consult a doctor)

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