How to lose water weight fast? lose your water weight 100% works.

How to lose water weight fast

How much water weight we gained throughout certain times of the month or for eating certain things? So these are for all of you guys who are going to the same issues. And how to lose water weight fast. I just figured out a way to get rid of it or help reduce it. So I’m excited to share this with you guys.

lose water weight fast
lose water weight fast

what is water weight?

So first for those of you who don’t know water retention. It is an excessive amount of fluid in the body and it’s caused by high sodium, lack of water and hot weather. Birth control is also a factor, pregnancy, and a woman’s menstrual cycle. For some women, it usually occurs just threw their menstrual cycle before they gained about 8 to 10 pounds of just water.

I will freak out every week I don’t know why.For that, I was worried to find a way to lose water weight fast. Now I go right back down to the way that I was so that’s how I know it is water on wait for sure.

what should you do to lose water weight fast

You need to constantly hydrate yourself cut out salt if you can that’s one thing I did in my process of losing weight. To lose weight you shouldn’t put salt on anything shouldn’t butter on anything. And I believe that had a lot to do with my weight loss as well and the significant of amount of weight that I’ve lost.

what is the magic recipe to lose water weight fast?

Now to get to my part of how I get rid of water retention and it seemed to work for me.

lose water weight fast
lose water weight fast

Basically, it’s done with the help of cranberry juice and cranberry juice also helps if your kidneys are swollen. It will help reduce the swelling in your kidneys and then which also help you release the water weight. So what I do is I get a bottle that’s 50 ounces. It costs about 49 cents. I bought the pot of 12 it’s just really hard for me to carry out myself but it’s worth it.

Because then you get more for your money. So I get one of these I drink it to about here and then I pour about three to four ounces of cranberry juice in it. Now don’t go to the store and get crammed apple or cranberry, raspberry etc. All those juices with sugar, you don’t want to put that in your body. So what you’re going to need is one hundred percent cranberry juice.

We think it’s pretty expensive for some cranberry juice but I promise you it does your body good and you’re not drinking anything harmful.

Will it really work?

So what you’ll do is you’ll pour about 3-4 ounces of this into a water bottle and drink the whole thing that day. You will have to use them frequently you will be peeing all day but that is what releasing the water from your body. And it’s also amazing for the urinary tract. It’s good for the female system and just whenever you feel you’re about to retain water. If you eat high-sodium foods drink that the next day and then you will be released of the water retention.

You’ll notice the huge and you’ll even just feel cleaner. I was kind of awkward to say but um so I do that as much as I can whenever I feel like I am retaining water.

How often should you drink?

I don’t think it’s good to do every single day because then you’re going to be releasing too much water in your body needs that.

But once in a while maybe once a week or whenever like I said whenever you feel like you’re retaining water or you eat high-sodium foods you wanna take that. Now it is better I’m going to tell you it’s delicious because it’s pretty better. I don’t mind it I can drink it like it’s nothing for those of you who have an issue with the bitterness.

It tastes better and should help your water retention. So um yeah that’s pretty much it. That’s how I get rid of my water retention. if you have any questions about lose water weight fast please feel free to comment below.


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