How to remove Blackheads so easily and quickly.

How to remove blackheads

Hey, guys today I will be showing you how to remove blackheads. And this is the way that I find that works for me. Know if you guys don’t agree with this. Just like you know, “that’s not for me then that’s totally fine”. Because this is what works for me and I have found that works for me.

Product wise I have tried so many different products. I tried all these different mass all these different creams. I mean yes they get rid of acne and make your skin asked quietly but they don’t remove the blackheads. I was  worried about how to remove blackheads from my skin.

What did I do for blackheads?

I have blackheads for so long obviously puberty hit by inserting when I started you know growing and getting older. I try to get rid of them all the time because they bug me so much but they never go away.

But I found a product that as I started using it more and more the blackheads are starting to go away. And it is a miracle product for me because I feel like this is the only product that has actually been very effective.

how to remove blackheads

What do I use?

I started using skin health cream by Dr. ZEIN OBAGI ZO SKIN HEALTH Sulfur Masque Acne Treatment. This is basically to prevent porous and future blackheads. It looks like it is i lucky color by the way. what it looks like and I think it’s a pretty good size. I mean to be such a good product.

The mask is actually clayed it’s like blue thick clay. You can just tell it it’s a really good product because the texture and how thick it is feels so soft. I could already tell that this stuff is amazing my blackheads have been disappearing and like I find that so amazing. Because I never could find a product that could do that and now that I found 1 I’m just so excited I’ve been searching for this products for a long time.

How to use it?

You’re supposed to cleanse your skin before you use it obviously. Apply it to your whole face two or three times a week is basically what they’re trying to say that you want to be pretty consistent with it. And you want to leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes before you rinse it.

it’s really really really a great product and I definitely definitely definitely recommend it. I would not recommend if that wouldn’t work on me. Thanks so much Dr. ZEIN OBAGI because you have made my life much easier. I have linked the link of that product on the product name. if you want to see the product you can click the link.


Thank you so much for reading my blog. Hope it works on your face too.  See you.

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