Nail Care Routins that every girl should follow

Nail care routines

Hi everyone welcome back, today I’m going to share my nail care routine. Right now my nails are in their natural state.

And I’m going to tell you how i maintain my nail care routine. How I get them this way and how I just maintain and care for them so. If you want to know these simple technics please keep reading and I’ll show you exactly what I do to take care of my nail.

nail care

Let’s Start

Basically, remove my nail polishes with any nail polish remover I can find basically have nothing particular this is just a random one from CBS. I remove it with this and generally I use cotton balls. just take the remover for some on a cotton ball and just remove it like I think most of the women in America do.

I like to remove my nail polish while watching TV or maybe watching YouTube because you can be a little boring, it’s not like it takes forever but i usually remove my nails while I’m watching or doing something that way at the time goes by faster.

Use Cotton balls

So it usually takes me two cotton balls per hand. So four totals to remove both of my hands and then if you find that it’s kind of drying up a little bit you don’t have to grab another Bowl. You can just put a little bit more remover on there. If i do any sort of glitter polish that’s when I will soak a cotton ball in the remover as usual and then i will place it over that particular nail and wrap it with tin foil for about 5-10 minutes. That really really helps with getting that stubborn glitter off.

Because God knows you can be scrubbing out your nails forever and scrubbing out there really isn’t the best thing alright. So for cotton balls later we have a nice clean unpainted nail.

Now I scrub my nails to make sure to do the top just a gentle scrub nothing too crazy and also the underneath portion of the nails like so. Alright after washing my hand so now at this point is my nails are nice and fresh and clean.

Totally Tool

In this is the point i would take my little totally tool right here and just push back or eliminate anything at the base of my nails.

nail care

I would just take my pusher and get rid of anything at the base to really make for a nice clean manageable . After i push them back and if there were anything to be nipped off i would take the little nipper tool and just snip anything away. But they actually should look pretty good in your case.

It’s nice and clean also if the shape was rough this is one I would go in and file. Just round them down a little bit. I try not to cut my nails. I try to just file them because I hate cutting and I hate filing as well. I’m actually sorry to go to the salon just to have them file because I hate doing it so much. So after I’ve done all of that it’s time for another treatment.

Cuticle treatment

I take the cuticle treatment and this is comprised of sweet almond oil aloe Vera and avocado oil. I often use coconut oil as well but I am actually out of coconut will right now but this is when I take my oil a little bit of a shake. I apply generous Amounts over my entire nail area for all five fingers and then just massage it into the nails and the skin around them to really work it into them.

They’re all nice and moisturized also the same on the other hand obviously. I do usually have nail polish on them about a week. So I generally do this about once a week because then I changed my manicures. But now that we have nice glistening nails and then just moisturize my hands with some lotion.

Today I just have the EOS little hand cream right here. So just put a little drop of that in my hand and rub it around very generously all over my hands. It helps just to moisturize after we remove the nail polish with the remover. Then its time to wash them with soap. So it just helps replace any moisture loss through the help that. voala… nice and clean and done. That is all about how I take care of my nails.

nail care

I would apply any sort of nail polish so is it a step I do to take care of and maintained my nails so I really hope you enjoyed this and maybe you’ll learn something. A big tip of the day keeps your nails painted as often and as long as possible to give them more strength and stamina against everyday wear and tear his men you know again nails don’t need to breathe and you can keep them painted as long as your heart’s desire. Hope you like this post.

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