Perfect Lips | Easy ways to get pink lips fast long lasting

Easy ways to get pink perfect lips fast

How to keep your lips soft and pinkish looking all the time? And this is what I do to get perfect lips. I know I don’t have the best lips but this is what I usually do every other day in the shower and my lips look fine. But it’s a little bit Dry so today  I’m going to show you exactly what I do and it is super easy fast.

perfect lips
perfect lips

You only need two things or maybe three you will need a

  • Warm bath towel and
  • A lip balm

Now take a towel wrapped around your finger like so and start polishing your lips. You need to make your lips like clean and clear and I know it looks funny but this makes your lips flat and it is easier to polish. Keep going in circles for about 30 seconds and by this time all the dead skin cells should be gone.

perfect lips
perfect lips

And that is when your beautiful lips underneath will show up it will also instantly plump your lips you can see the difference after doing this. It will look so much better and after that apply a balm to moisturize it. If you keep doing this on a regular basis then your lips will always be soft and well-hydrated. Also if you have any discoloration on your lips then this will also remove it out. You can do it every other day just like I do.

Or you can do it few times a week depending on what works best for you. If your natural lip color looks similar or a little bit darker or if the lips have a little bit of discoloration then this will definitely work for you. Although it might take some time.


There are also other ways to get perfect lips which are natural-looking pink lips which are permanent. Makeup or medical grade tattooing which will fill up the color that you want. There are also bleaching creams to lighten your lips but I strongly suggesting not to do so because it is not safe. Smoking will also darken your lips so if you can then please stay away from it. It will do you good in a lot of ways. Next time when you want to buy a lip balm, look for one which has SPF in it. Which will protect your lips from the UV rays? Because even rays are one of the reasons they’re responsible for discoloration not only on the skin but also on the lips. But anyway what every lip might look like this next step will be definitely worth it.

What you gonna need?


  • Lip tint
  • Tissue paper


At first, do wipe off any product that you have on your lips and make sure it is dry. Take a lip tint, I usually use my favorite one which is Holika Holika. Apply it all over your lips. Now take tissue paper and wipe it off. When you do this after exfoliating the lips and making sure it’s dry. The lip tone will stay on better and lasts all day and after that, you’re done. It will look so naturally pink and it won’t even transfer. It will last all day and nobody will be able to tell that you actually have something on your lips.

Okey guys hope that these tricks will help you a lot.

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