Simple Nail Art – Everyone can do at Home

Do you wish to learn some simple Nail art design? let’s do it.

Anyone can do these. It’s kind of just like easy simple nail art designs. the designs here don’t require any type of tools . I do have one that requires a nail striper but it’s a very simple design. All you have to do is make a straight line so it’s kind of really good for people. Who are just getting used to using now strippers which are something I highly recommend for nail art.

Number One


You’re just going to paint your nail any color that you want. By taking another color you’re just going to create three steps so 1, 2 & 3 kinds just like in a downward motion like that picture. When the layer will dry go in with another color and do the same exact thing like that. So that’s how easy. This is the finished manicure.

I want a little bit crazy color with all the different colors but I mean you can do this with any colors that you want. If you did like a black base that may be a gold metallic second layer and then a black third layer. I think that’d be really cool to see. I mean you can really use any colors that you want. You don’t need any special tools to it creates a really cute and fun design on your nails.

Number Two


You’re going to start with any base color that you want to use a nail striper. we’re just going to draw from the middle of our nail to the corner of our nail a straight line. we’re going to do that on both sides to create a triangle then you’re just going to fill it in. and if this is your first time using a nail striper this nail design. it’s perfect for you because since you drawing straight lines you’re going to get used to using your nail striper without having to create too much, you know curvy lines or anything like that. using a black male stripper you’re just going to trace that triangle.

Add a small little triangle towards the tip of your nail. how the finished manicure looks when you’re all done again very easy to do getting used to using a nail striper you can use any colors that you would like to but I think it’s cute it’s an easy nail art that you guys like number two.

Number Three


You’re going to need a sheet of these little ring stickers. You can get it at any office supply store. Or in the office aisle of any drugstore. And then paint your nail any color that you want. Then you’re just going to put the little ring towards the bottom half of your nail and this is going to create the perfect half-moon manicure without having any type of skill at all.

It’s going to be perfect just make sure your base color is one hundred percent dry or else the sticker will pull it off. And paint on your color of choice over that like to take the sticker off right away because you can smudge it a little bit. I like to let it dry for just about 1 minute so it’s kind of sticky and then I remove the sticker. So when you take it off. You have the perfect half-moon manicure. This is perfect for the beginner because you don’t have to use any type of artistic skills you don’t have to draw anything. Just place the stickers towards your cuticles and you can use any colors that you want for this.

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