White marks on skin? There are some easy solution of this?

White marks on skin

White sports on the face usually are something called P Alba or polymorphous light eruptions. These other two common conditions. These are the dry patches on the skin which are very defined. They’re not got a well-defined border and they are usually dry and scaly that means there is some powder seems to be coming off. This can happen in people who are not using appropriate mild face washes and good moisturizer on the skin.

white marks on skin
white marks on skin

I mean those people who have an allergy tendency will get dust allergy very soon. In Such people, we get this condition called p alba and usually, they will tell you that white spots have been there from childhood. One more reason why could be getting white patches is a condition called polymorphous light eruptions. Which is some kind of sun energy. People had this mild redness and irritation of the skin when people goes to the Sun.

Solutions of White marks on skin

In Both conditions, you can use a very gentle soup free face wash which is ph balance. use a moisturizer which is nice and water based on hyaluronic acid and then use a broad-spectrum sunscreen at least every three hours you have to repeat once at 9. 12, 3 etc. whether you’re indoors or outdoors. These will help to bring the problem down. Other conditions like misuse of certain creams like steroid creams or over-the-counter fairness creams could give you patchy whiteness on the skin.

This will not get better with this treatment unless you stop the night cream whatever you have been using. If you’re white patches very clearly defined it is very well highlighted then you despite that you consult a dermatologist because it is better to get examined by a dermatologist. Usually what we see white is very beautiful but it is not true.


When you have white patches on your face it is not beautiful. it is actually not very good-looking.  so don’t try using home care products for a long time, you know something which you are using at night like a lemon or tomato might be irritating your skin and can give White marks on skin. In this case use the gentle face wash moisturizer and sunscreen regularly. It should resolve in two to three weeks. If it is not better seek the attention of the dermatologist.

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