The Miracle Of Zoom Teeth Whitening.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Zoom Teeth Whitening?

About a week ago I had a professional teeth whitening done at Dr. George office. Well, guys I just wanted to make a blog post to explain to you what to expect when you do get a professional teeth whitening which is called zoom teeth whitening done.


So at their office, they do the zoom whitening. And that’s the one that I had. And when I was going through this process I just assumed that they would put some jelly on my teeth, (wow so tasty, I thought) put a light up to it and that would be it.

But the process is actually a lot more in depth than just that.


The zoom teeth whitening consists of two office visits. On the first one you go in and you have your molds made of your teeth.
And this is for the trace that you’ll get on your second visit. And then on the second visit, you actually have the zoom teeth whitening process done.

zoom-teeth-whitening light

After my molds were made I was given fluoride toothpaste to use for the next two weeks until I actually had my whitening done. It’s used as a preventative measure to kind of help prevent some sensitivity that might occur.

So two weeks after I had my molds made. I went in for my actual whitening. And when I got there the general assistant Lisa walk me through exactly what was going to be happening. And then she took my before pictures and then the process really started.

So it started with her putting some vitamin e oil on my lips and this is kind of just as a protective measure on to help prevent cracking, burning stuff like.

Then she went ahead and put their tractor in my mouth. And I have to say it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

zoom-teeth-whitening 2

And I have several clips of what happened next and Caitlyn is explaining in depth what she’s doing. So I’m gonna go ahead and insert those.

So I did have three 15- minute sessions and after the first 1 Lisa would come in and take the gel off my teeth. And put a new layer on and then I would go back under the white for 15 minutes.

And then after all three sessions, Lisa came in and took everything out of my mouth.
And then we took mine after pictures. After that, I was given my Zoom kit and when you open it you have your container for your traces. And then you have a syringe of the maintenance whitening gel and then also a syringe of sensitivity relief.

After the whitening, Caitlin took my trade and they are exact replicas of my teeth and they are like a rubber material. They’re very comfortable and she put the sensitivity relief inside of them for me to wear for 30 minutes after the whitening.

And then I was done the process was very enjoyable and dr. George goes staff made me feel so comfortable through the entire thing. And that is all about zoom teeth whitening .

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